Achieving Sustainable Development via Industrial Ecology


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From the last few years the concept of sustainable development came into existence. Along with this the other concepts that became popular are environmental management and also industrial ecology. In almost every section of the population like media, industry, educational world, NGOs etc these concepts became regular topic of discussions. From this it can be concluded that people at last have started to understand the importance of the environment. So, the focus of the people became strong on environmental issues. Now, people have understood that if they don’t take cautious steps related to environmental issues then, the world will soon get destroyed. Moreover, the careless attitude of humans regarding the nature have already damaged considerable portion of the mother Earth. So, it is high time that we start thinking about our environment. If each and every individual around the globe starts to take care of its surrounding environment then, we can bring back the proper ecological balance that we have already destroyed in all these years since the beginning of human civilization.

During the early days of human civilization, the people were not so intelligent. But presently with the development of science and technologies, the human race has discovered various stuffs. But there is also a dark side of development of science and technology. In most cases the ecological balance has been hampered. At present the situation is such that if we do not take proper action to protect the environment then, that day is not far away when there will be no life in this earth.

The industrial ecology is offering various methods which assist the corporations to deal with sustainable operations. This helps the interaction between industries and their respective environment. The industrial ecology provide with the necessary guidelines to reconfigure industrial activities in such a way that they will finally contribute to conserve the natural resources and, in this way, reduce the pollution of the Earth.

Various industries produce a particular level of pollution and this has been a big issue. So, measures have to be taken so that the industries try to diminish the level of pollution. For this, respective factories have to follow certain technologies that reduce the pollution level of that particular industry operations. Moreover, this is only possible if each and every individual gets aware of the basic fact of ecology. They need to know and realize the importance of ecological aspects. We cannot disagree the fact that we are finally dependent of nature for our livehood. So, it is our duty to take care of the environment.

Sustainable development can be only achieved by industrial ecology. It has been recorded that the factory waste products are the main source of pollution in nature. So when the industry authorities are made aware of industrial ecology then, automatically they will try and take actions to protect the nature. As humans have already damaged a good amount of nature’s resources, if we want a better and proper future for our children then it is time that we stop and reduce the pollution of our world.

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