Benefits of Ecological Planning


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A modern business has to be both ecologically and environmentally conscious enough into become a cost effective firm. This will help to achieve sustainable consumption of natural resources. Before the establishment of the business the owner must try to make an ecological planning. The way of understanding the effect of various ecological processes and also the environment and find the solutions to integrate the best human habitation into particular areas accordingly is known as ecological planning. The main motto of ecological planning is to merge the natural environment with the human habitations.

Ecological Footprints of an individual and its importance


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A finite amount of resources is present in the Earth and the amount of land which is required in order to support the consumption habits of an individual is known as the ecological footprint. In simple words ecological footprint can be described as the amount of earth’s resource required for the survival of an individual. Ecological footprints have been an important issue for many years. The population of world started to increase since the time human race became civilized. Slowly the population increased to the peak level and, as it increased, the usage of earth’s resources also increased. The population growth is increasing, but not the resources. The earth’s resources are limited. At present the condition is very critical as the resources became very less and no human force can increase the resource level of Earth.

Achieving Sustainable Development via Industrial Ecology


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From the last few years the concept of sustainable development came into existence. Along with this the other concepts that became popular are environmental management and also industrial ecology. In almost every section of the population like media, industry, educational world, NGOs etc these concepts became regular topic of discussions. From this it can be concluded that people at last have started to understand the importance of the environment. So, the focus of the people became strong on environmental issues. Now, people have understood that if they don’t take cautious steps related to environmental issues then, the world will soon get destroyed. Moreover, the careless attitude of humans regarding the nature have already damaged considerable portion of the mother Earth. So, it is high time that we start thinking about our environment. If each and every individual around the globe starts to take care of its surrounding environment then, we can bring back the proper ecological balance that we have already destroyed in all these years since the beginning of human civilization.